About Us

Link Media Plus LLC import-export is a company for production, trade and services established in Skopje in 2005. Our company is respected partner on the market, operating almost 10 years, offering a wide range of quality services. Our values and beliefs are the guidance in our work and strengthen the implementation of the business strategy, focusing on our goals. Several years back we note a trend of achieving positive financial results. The revenue growth is due to continuing professional and proactive performance on the market. Therefore, we have the pleasure to announce that our company was part of  the list of the 200 largest companies and 147th on the list of the 200 most successful companies in Macedonia, according to the financial data for 2009.

In 2011 we have joined the system for quality management ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 for improving the satisfaction and customer requirements. We would like to point out that in the last 5 years we became a leading company in the field of the indoor and outdoor decorating. Our company also has an excellent cooperation with highly reputable domestic companies and companies from abroad. Through education and care of our employees, as well as improvement of the working conditions, our company is continiously moving towards achieving our goals and new successes.


  • Grad Skopje
  • T-Mobile
  • One
  • GTC Skopje
  • Skopski Saem
  • Makedonski Telekom
  • Tutunski Kombinat Skopje
  • Get Kafe
  • Red Kafe
  • Arabeska
  • Trend
  • Palma
  • La kafe
  • Duomo
  • Spa
  • PSS Power Sport Sistemi
  • Vila Delta
  • Restoran Vodenica
  • Tinex
  • Inter BB
  • Sajt
  • Digital Centar
  • Sparkasse Bank
  • Veropulos
  • Zegin
  • Publicis
  • Ovation Advertising
  • Ila DOO
  • Atelier Hobi Art Dizajn
  • Hotel Solun
  • Ivan DOOEL
  • Vili
  • VIP Operator
  • Fakultet za Turizam
  • Opstina Resen
  • Opstina Centar
  • Lotarija na Makedonija
  • Makosped Skopje
  • Opstina Kisela Voda
  • Opstina Ilinden
  • Opstina Gjorce Petrov
  • Opstina Gazi Baba
  • Opstina Ohrid
  • Opstina Cair
  • Opstina Aerodrom
  • Opstina Vevcani
  • Opstina Gevgelija
  • Opstina Strumica
  • Opstina Karpos
  • Opstina Saraj
  • City Gallery
  • City Mall
  • Raifeisen
  • Pro Credit
  • Ipko
  • Ministerstvo za Vnatresni Raboti
  • Ministerstvo za Zemjodelie
  • Idea Plus
  • LPR Mak
  • Alkaloid
  • TAV
  • Atomem
  • SP Land